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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How-to Share a Link to Meet/Zoom in Google Classroom

Step 1: When you have created a video meeting in Meet or Zoom, you’ll need to copy the link to share out. Remember, if you’re using Zoom, you need to go to your settings and allow joining via web browser (Instructions here)

Step 2: Open the Google Classroom where you’re sharing the invitation link.

Step 3: Click on STREAM up on the very top of the page.

Step 4: In the middle of the page, click on “Share something with your class…”

STEP 5: Type the directions or information for the meeting. For example, “Join me at 3:00pm Thursday for story-time.”

Step 6: Then click on the ADD button below what you typed. Choose LINK. Paste the link to your Zoom or Meet in the space provided. Click ADD LINK. On the bottom right, click the POST button.

Congratulations, you did it!