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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


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EduProtocols - from guest blogger Justin Preza

Worst Preso Ever: This EduProtocol is by far the favorite among my students! By intentionally creating an absurdly atrocious presentation, students are learning the fundamentals of what constitutes a high-quality presentation. Introducing this EduProtocol is easy because it requires no previous instruction, quickly and deeply captures student interest, and touches upon a variety of skills. Some of these skills include developing visual aesthetics, communicating with concise and effective written language, and technology literacy. Give this EduProtocol a try - you and your students will not regret it!

Literary Circles Rebooted (Lit. Circles 2.0): Although the practice of literary circles is not new, the rebooted version brings more depth to student learning! No longer are the days in which students are assigned a role and then share out. Now students work as a team to complete assigned tasks, all while engaging in the 4C’s. Similar to differing roles in traditional literary circles, the tasks in Lit. Circles 2.0 can be adjusted to meet the needs of your students. I take tasks from another EduProtocol, BookaKucha, and include them in my Lit. Circles because it promotes a lot of student conversation. In my opinion, students appreciate the updated version of literary circles because it is less about doing an assigned role effectively, and more about giving them an opportunity to better understand the text. (Photo Credit: Jon Corripo).

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