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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Math Review Gamified!

Math Review Game Board

Need a fun way to have students review topics that they've learned throughout the year? This week I've been working with Union Middle School math teachers Alyssa Starr and Joy D'Apuzzo on creating a 6th grade HyperDoc game board that gives students a fun way to review major math concepts. It's basically a Google Doc with tables of math activities. Feel free to explore, copy, and modify the Math 6 Review Game Board that we came up with.

This HyperDoc gives students choices about which activities they would like to complete and it also gives time back to the teacher, allowing for individualized or small group instruction.

When looking for activities to include in the game board, we were looking for a variety and a mixture of tech and non-tech related activities. Here's where I found some really great math resources:

I have to admit that it does take a lot of time searching for quality resources and games, but my advice is to collaborate with other teachers and TOSAs in your school district. The big payoff is student excitement about content related activities. The students don't have to sit and listen to another lecture from their teacher and the teacher is freed up to work with students who may need some extra support. 

Math Game Board in Action

Math Game Board in Action Tweet
Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch Miss Starr's class explore and complete game board activities. I did not see one student who was off task during the whole class period. Students were allowed to work in pairs and they had the freedom to choose where they wanted to sit in the classroom. Of course, some went straight to playing online math games like Inequality Wars or Percent Jeopardy, but others went directly to non-tech tasks. I watched 2 boys grab a deck of cards and play Exponent War with their notebook and whiteboards out and 2 girls in the back were working on writing a song about fractions.

Even though students were working next to their friends and collaborating on certain activities, not once did I feel like it got really noisy in the classroom. During a time when students are getting ready for SBAC testing, it's so nice to see smiles on students' faces and laughter and excitement throughout the room.

Modified Game Board and Activities for Elementary Math

Here's a game board that was created for 3rd Grade Math Review and 4th Grade Math Review. Thank you to Elise Plutt and Kristen Yoshioka for all of your 3rd and 4th grade advice and input when creating this HyperDoc. 

Please note: 
*If you do choose to make a copy of any of these game boards, please make changes and modifications to the activities according to YOUR students' skills. If your students have limited experience on Chromebooks, you might think about swapping some activities for hands on or paper-based tasks. 
If you have any questions, or would like any help or advice on creating a game board HyperDoc of your own, please feel free to contact me: