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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Guidelines for Conducting Live Video Conferences with Students

UPDATED 3-27-20

During this time of school closures, it is critical that we maintain connection and engage with our students to address the negative effects of social isolation and disconnecting from school. Many teachers have expressed interest in holding live video conferences with their students to re-connect and re-engage in learning, but conducting whole class live video instruction is not expected or required at this time. Video conferencing is a great way to engage in small group or individual support for students on an as needed basis. Before conducting any video conferences with students please think about these considerations.

Equity and Access

Consider providing multiple ways students can access any content shared in a video conference to ensure equitable access for ALL students. Not all students may be available at a specified time to meet and not all students may have internet access at home capable of supporting live participation.
Consider ways to deliver content asynchronously so students can access it when and how they are able. Screencasts, video recordings, articles, YouTube videos and other existing content can provide alternatives to live online instruction that can be accessed in a flexible manner.

Currently Supported Video Conference Tools

The following tools are currently being supported by the USD Tech Department and meet student data and privacy requirements:
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
Some Important Considerations Before Using Live Video Conferencing With Students:
  • Protect your student’s privacy! Refrain from posting images of any video conferencing sessions on social media that may display student faces and/or student names. Our existing Media Opt-Out policy applies.
  • Be aware that students may record sessions without your knowledge or permission; discuss this with them beforehand as part of establishing expectations for online class conduct and behavior.
  • Parents may be watching alongside, or with their student during the live conference and may wish to participate; again, discuss this with them beforehand as part of establishing expectations for online class conduct and behavior.
  • Be aware of the possibility of inappropriate student behavior and student safety issues:
    • Inappropriate images or words may be visible in backgrounds.
    • You may hear things (dogs, cats, siblings, etc.) in the background.
    • As a mandated reporter, you might see something that you feel legally obligated to act upon.
    • The video background environment may disclose information such as location or student full name.
NEW - Recording

Live video class sessions may be recorded by the teacher with prior notification to parents. Teacher recordings will be used for legitimate educational purposes, including making the session available to the class in a secure format for viewing after the live session has ended. Parents may opt their student out of participating in a live session recording by notifying the teacher prior to the meeting. Recordings may not be downloaded or shared by parents or students without prior written consent of the teacher and all meeting participants present (including parent permission for any students present).

The Tech Team is here to support you! Please reach out to your site tech or the Technology department as you make this challenging shift to online teaching and learning. This will take time to adapt and that’s expected. Connect with your colleagues and brainstorm ideas together. It’s ok to start with what you know and move forward from there.