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Friday, March 24, 2017

Sketch 50: Join the Movement!

Everyone Can Draw!

Even if you think that you can't draw, I want you to know that you can! Whenever I start a sketchnoting lesson in the classroom, I have students point their finger in the air and draw 4 things: a straight line, a squiggly line, a circle, and a dot. All images are made up of some form of those elements, so as long as can do that, YOU CAN DRAW!

What is Sketch 50?

Sketch 50 was started by Cate Tolnai, SCCOE EdTech Coach and sketchnoter, who has found tremendous value in practicing 1 drawing a day. Her idea was to form a community of learners to practice 1 sketch every day, leading up to Drawing Day on May 16, 2017. That makes 50 sketches! 

By sketching along with hundreds of other doodlers, Sketch 50 is meant to help you gain confidence in your artistic ability as you grow your visual library one day at a time. Once you know how to draw a light bulb, then you can use that same light bulb to represent words like idea, learning, clarity, knowledge, etc. Imagine how many words you could represent if you had 50 images in your visual library!

Join the Movement

Here's how it works:

Once you are following Sketch 50, starting on Monday, March 27, 2017, look for the word of the day. Get inspired by the community of learners posting to #sketch50 and sketch away! This can be a personal journey or one that you share with your students. However you decide to participate, don't forget to share to @sketch_50 on Twitter or Instagram

I hope you decide to join us. We're all in this journey together, so encourage one another and be proud of your creations!