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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Could Your Students be Smarter Searchers?

It's about that time of year when students are researching various topics for projects that will be shared in digital portfolios and displayed at Open House. When it comes to searching for information, do you teach your students techniques for getting better results?

Check out this meme:
If you've ever found yourself on page 8 of a search, then you know there must be a better way. 

Do you still have students that type full questions into the search box? If so, that's a red flag letting you know that they probably have never been taught how to search. Kids love shortcuts, so let's start teaching them that there is an easier way! As teachers, it's our responsibility to make sure that they learn search strategies that will make them more effective and efficient. Open the Smarter Searching Slides to start learning simple, time-saving tips! You may make a copy of the slides and modify them according to your students' interests. For more ready-to-go Search lessons, visit the Google Search Education website. Happy Searching!

Here's a quick list of Search resources: