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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As our students become more familiar and comfortable with creating online content, there are a number of ways for them to add original images to their documents and presentations. While we might think using a Chromebook to take pictures is a bit clumsy, students are amazingly adaptable.

Taking Photos with Seesaw

One program students are using to document their work is Seesaw. It is easy to open the app and choose to add a Photo. Students can add audio, text labels, a caption, or draw over the photo. Photos are added to their files and easily shared with families.

Taking Photos in Google Docs and Slides

Sometimes, students might like to take photos of their work and add them to Google Docs or Presentations. Use Insert Image and "Take a snapshot". Take a snapshot will save the last three photos so students take a few and then choose the best one.

Once the photo is inserted into their Doc or slide, they will be able to use the image editing tools. Be sure the image is selected.

Using the Chromebook Camera and Editing Tools

Students can also use the Chromebook Camera to capture their work. To begin, students will need to click on the Launcher in the bottom lefthand corner of their Chromebook (it is the donut-looking icon). From there, choose All Apps and look for the Camera icon. If it is not there, students can search for Camera.
Once the camera is enabled, students will see the green light and their picture on the screen. There are a few features that can be explored:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.49.49 PM.png
Filters can also be accessed by pressing on the trackpad. Photos can also be taken by pressing on the space bar.

Once the picture is taken, students can "Copy to Clipboard" open the Gallery or find find the File folder by clicking on Launcher in the bottom lefthand corner of your Chromebook. From there, choose All Apps and look for the Files icon. If it is not there, use search to find Files.

You might like to create a folder in Google Drive to store the photos and to make it easy to insert them into work. When a photo is taken, students will see a popup in the lower right-hand corner of their Chromebook. Click on it to locate the photo. Students can then drag that photo into the folder they created.

To edit a photo, choose a photo and double click to open it. Access the editing tools by choosing the pencil. The tools will appear at the bottom.

Encourage students to add their images to their work, display them on their Google Sites, or use them in apps to create new work, like adding their photos to Adobe Spark video. Students love the chance to be creative and show what they know. Give them a wider audience and watch their enthusiasm grow!