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Friday, September 2, 2016

Let's Raise a Cheer for Digital Citizenship!

USD is Common Sense Certified - Let's Keep the Ball Rolling!

Thanks to all of your hard work teaching digital citizenship in the classroom, we were officially able to become 1 of the 40 Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified School Districts in the nation! In order for us to maintain this certification, we need your help in continuing to teach digital citizenship to students. Read more to find out about new lessons you can be teaching your students!

New Look, New Lessons

Thanks to the new Google Sites, we've updated the look of our USD Learns website. We now have a brand new Digital Citizenship page with 3 new Google Slides lessons for each grade level band. If you teach grades 1-2 or 7-8, you will now be teaching Unit 2 Scope and Sequence Lessons. Grades 4-5 will no longer be teaching Digital Passport and can start teaching Scope and Sequence lessons from Unit 1. Like last year, after you've completed a lesson, please don't forget to do the Lesson Completion survey. This will help us track the number of lessons so that we can re-apply at the end of the school year to maintain our certification.

6th Graders Learn about Copyright Law

This week I had the pleasure of going to both middle schools to do a lesson on Copyright Law, Fair Use and the Creative Commons. Now that many of our upper elementary and middle school students are creating digital portfolios, it is essential that they learn how to find, use and cite media for anything that gets posted to their site. You can find more information about this lesson, along with the new Photo Bingo activity, by going to the Middle School Digital Citizenship page. If you need any help teaching this topic to your students, please email me and let me know how I can help!

DMS students learn to look for the Creative Commons
license so they know how to cite the image.