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Friday, March 13, 2015

Flippity Flashcards/Digital Learning Day/EduWin for Carla Dunavan

While Common Core wants our students to delve deep into topics, sometimes they just need to commit things to memory, think math facts, spelling words, vocabulary words. Flippity makes it super easy for you or your students to make flashcards using Google Spreadsheet.

Before you begin, you'll need to be signed into your Google Account. Then, on the Flippity site, download the template. You will need to edit the template. Start by editing the title of the Spreadsheet, and don't edit row 1. You'll notice that most cells have only text. Side 1 being the challenge, with Side 2 the response. However, note that you can add images or YouTube videos by inserting the URL. You can also choose the CardColor and TextColor. To edit a cell, double click, and the cell text kinda pops out. Delete what is there and enter your text.

When you are finished, choose File, Publish to the web. Share the Document and copy the link. Back on the Spreadsheet, first open "Get the Link Here" at the bottom of the page. Second, paste the URL into Row 3 on the page that opens. Third, click on the link in Row 6 to open your flashcards on the Flippity site. Once you do, you can create a shortened URL (see below) to make it easier to revisit the page. Here's the URL for the Flippity Deck I created for fun.

Digital Learning Day

Today is Digital Learning Day.  USD has come very far in digital learning in just six months, so it is a day to reflect and celebrate our evolution towards creating "Future Ready" students. While we strive to move farther in the SAMR model, teachers and students are embracing the tools and pedagogy that is transforming learning.

Today is also a good day to  review Digital Citizenship with your students. This poster from Edutopia, might be one to use to begin a conversation.

EduWin for Carla Dunavan

Thanks, Carla, for developing this Google Presentation on How to Make a Shortened URL. A great skill to know when wanting to share those cumbersome, long URLs with your students.

If you or one of your colleagues are doing something in your class that uses edtech tools, please let me know. I'd love to share it with other teachers.