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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Keeping Chrome Browser Updated/Update on AudioBoom/Frame for Sub Plans/EduWin for Dave Hill

Ever look at the Chrome control icons and notice that your "hot dogs" have gone from black to green or orange or red? This is a notice that you have a Chrome update. While Chrome will automatically update, it will only do this when you Quit Google Chrome and re-sign in.

You will notice that your students' Chromebooks have an update that needs to be installed, when you see an icon with an up arrow in the lower right-hand corner. The Chromebook simply needs to be completely powered off and back on again. 

Here's a short video if you'd like more directions:

AudioBoom Update

As of late last week, AudioBoom has decided to require sign in for all listeners. This makes it a less-than-ideal tool for sending a link to parents to give them a quick listen and look at their student work. I contacted them to tell them of the concerns that educators have about the changes in their service. Here is their response, "We are currently looking in to providing a solution better suited to educators but this is still in the early stages. Hopefully we will be able to have you back on board soon." Will keep you updated since I realize this is a popular app as teachers prepare for Open House.

Sub Plans Template

With all the technology in classrooms, subs have asked for more directions on using it in your absence. Here is a link to a frame that you might like to use. Each classroom is different, so you will need to edit to give specific instructions for your class. Just open the document in Google Drive. Under the File menu, choose Make a copy... You will get your own copy that is saved in My Drive. There you can change and save it. 

As we continue to add technology to classrooms, I will attempt to keep these directions fairly up-to-date. I'd appreciate feedback on anything that is obviously missing or incorrect. 

EduWin for Dave Hill 

One of the Tech II trainings focused on math websites and apps. One of them that was presented to us is Desmos, an graphing program that is available on the web, and as an app for Android and iOS.  Dave Hill, a math teacher at Dartmouth, has his students doing amazing things with this program, as they learn linear algebra. His students have produced amazing drawings from their equations.

Desmos is free and can be found on the USD Symbaloo Landing Page. It be added to your Chrome App Launcher. You'll find it in the Chrome App Store.

In honor of Pi Day, on March 14th, Desmos is offering their Function Carnival activity for free this month. Help students learn more about graphing with this fun activity.

If you or one of your colleagues is doing something other teachers might like to know about, please let me know. I'd love to share your success as Union School District continues on its mission to develop Future Ready students.