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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Smart Restart

On our first day back from winter break, staff throughout Union School District welcomed students with engaging and creative activities designed to get students excited about returning to school. Dubbed the “Smart Restart,” students, teachers and staff members participated in a variety of positive social emotional, hands-on and fun opportunities to create and explore together across all subjects and grade levels. Below are just some of the many wonderful activities that were experienced in Union School District on Monday.

Alta Vista Elementary students and staff were inspired by the book Picasso Loves Shapes, so each grade was provided a different die-cut paper shape in different colors and our students used them as inspiration to create their own works of art. Carlton Avenue students fashioned their own unique arcade games from used cardboard boxes and other random materials and invited everyone to play. Students at Guadalupe Elementary showed their artistic side, but some projects involved a twist: teams of seven had to work together to create a power word poster with a pencil tied to seven pieces of string that each member had to control.

At Dartmouth Middle School students participated in activities to promote social emotional growth through a Project Cornerstone kickoff, film making, water color painting and even competitive puzzle solving. Our Union Middle School students tried to solve Digital Breakout challenges and learned about healthy eating during Kitchen Chemistry activities. Students at Lietz Elementary explored various cultures through food and traditions and created art with words, while Oster Elementary students enjoyed STEAM centers, puzzle design and stop motion filmmaking. Noddin Elementary students completed a variety of engineering, coding and Minecraft challenges and some even made their own harmonicas!

Check out #USDLearns and #SmartStart on Twitter to see some of the other amazing things that happened during our Smart Restart, and thank you to everyone for creating such an amazing experience for our students!

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