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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

3 Easy Halloween Activities

Looking for some fun, easy Halloween Activities to do with your class? Here are a few simple ideas that can work at different grade levels.

Halloween Magnetic Poetry 

This activity has been shared all over Twitter by @ShakeUpLearning. Read Kasey Bell's blog post Halloween Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings. I modified her template a little so that more of the words are visible.

Halloween Google Doc Fun!

Here is a simple Google Doc Halloween lesson that I originally created for a 2nd grade class.  It gets students to play around with the simple, basic functions of Google Docs in a fun way. Here's what students do inside this activity:
  • read a Halloween poem
  • change font and color of 2 important word from each line
  • use the Research Tool to insert an image to match lines of the poem
  • learn how a Google Drawing works inside of a Doc
Teaching students how to use the Research Tool is an important feature in Docs. Just in case students finish the activity early, I added the magnetic poetry to the 2nd page for students. Students are invited to create a spooky sentence, or a spooky poem.

Cinquain Poem Template

Halloween always sparks some really creative an imaginative ideas and I used to always have my 4th grade students write different kinds of poetry in October. 

 This Google HyperDoc gets students to plan and create a Cinquain poem. Completing a class copy of the Cinquain Poem Template Doc is a great way to get the students thinking about their own poem. After the poem draft is completed, you can give your students art supplies for their final draft, or I gave suggestions of some tech tools that they can use to creatively display their work.

I kept this template neutral so that it can be used any time of year, not just Halloween. 

If you have any questions, or would like help trying out any tech lessons in your classroom, please email me at