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Friday, August 28, 2015

Edu Winner: Kaitlin Klein and Modern Day Silhouettes

Pretty walls in time for Back to School Night? Miss Klein's students made it look easy!

Edu Winner: Kaitlin Klein, a 5th grade teacher at Carlton already has her students up and running in Google Classroom and using Google Apps like pros. In preparation for Back to School Night, Kaitlin wanted to have at least one pretty project on her walls. A modern day silhouette was the solution.
That's Miss Klein! After/Before- Note: The best silhouettes have subject in front of the sun, and an uncluttered background. 

Students worked in pairs to take profile photos of each other, and then edited them on the iPads using Snapseed. Next, they uploaded their images to the Google Drive app so they could access them from the Chromebooks later.

From the Chromebooks, they inserted their edited silhouette onto a Google Presentation slide where they used the text tool to add their name and five adjectives to describe themselves.  Then they turned their finished project into Google Classroom. Neatly organized in the Google Classroom folder in her Google Drive, Kaitlin was able to easily print out her beautiful black and white silhouettes and slap them on the wall in the nick of time! I bet those parents were impressed!
Miss Klein's students were so efficient they even had time to go for a photo walk in the school garden with the iPads!

Students also backed up their photos using the Google Photos. We can't wait to see what happens with those!

If that sounds like a cool project you'd like to do with your own students, know there are a lot of people who can help you. Not only is Kaitlin a tech lead at Carlton, Tech ToSAs can be scheduled during the school day to demo this (or any other lesson) in your classroom. Or.. you could just call on Miss Klein's tech savvy 5th graders.
Silhouettes gone digital? So much easier than tracing, cutting and pasting, and a lot less mess!

To learn more about some of the amazing things that are happening in Kaitlin's classroom (or in other classrooms around Union School District), be sure to follow her on Twitter at @missklein20 and #usdlearns . Better yet, check out her student blogs (and comment)  I'm sure those students would really love to hear from you!