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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Want Apps? Find Out How to Get Them Here

Have iPads in your class and wonder what the procedure is for getting apps? Regardless of whether you earned an iPad from an Academy, or were given it by your school site, here's how:

If the iPad is primarily a teacher tool, you are asked to use the USD-Staff wifi network. The District also asks that you use the iTunes/iCloud account created with your USD username when downloading free apps. If there is a paid-app that is work-related, let your administrator know its name and cost. When they approve the app for purchase, they will let the Tech Department know. We'll purchase the app through Apple's Voucher Purchase Program. Then, we'll install the app.

For student iPads, please use the USD-Student wifi network. Each site has an Apple iTunes account for installing apps. You are asked to use it when you'd like to install free apps on to the student iPads. Your site administrator or secretary should have the username and password for you. Alternatively, you can set up each of the student iPads with your iCloud account. Any apps you install will be available on any of the iPads signed into that account.

If there is a paid-app you would like to purchase, first talk to your grade-level colleagues. Apple has a Volume Purchase Program with a twenty license discount. Unlike your personal iOS devices, we'll need to buy a license for each device you would like the paid app on. Let your administrator know the app's name, cost, and the number of licenses your grade level would like to buy. When your principal approves the app for purchase, (s)he will let the Tech Department know. We'll purchase the app through the Apple's Volume Purchase Program. Then, we'll install the app.

From time to time, a paid-app is free for a day (or maybe a few). I try to keep my eye open for them using the Apps Gone Free iPad app, or the website Apple Sliced. If I find one I think teachers might be interested, I will tweet it and you'll find it in my Twitter stream in the right-hand navigation bar. However, you might enjoy keeping an eye out for them yourself.


This week's EduWin goes to all the teachers who are welcoming tech into their classes and learning how to use it along with their students. This is a huge shift in how we have viewed ourselves as teachers and educators for a long time. We have felt that we needed to/were expected to know all the answers. The shift to using technology is a little scary since students take to it so naturally and their knowledge quickly surpasses ours. As I visit classes, I am proud to work with such a wonderful group of flexible thinking and risk-taking educators. Thank you.